Developing Alternate Water Supply and Transportation Methods

The course length will depend on the status and background of the department being trained. A written questionnaire must be completed prior to the course, and a class schedule will be established with department personnel. Course will include informational booklets and other hand-outs.

The course will cover the following:

  • Alternative water supply methods. Discussion to include what methods, if any, are presently available and in use by the fire department.
  • Mobile Water Supply. Discussion to include types of tankers, fill-up and discharge capabilities1).
  • Dry hydrants. Discussion to include location, calculation of gpm flow, construction, use of dry hydrants, and coverage of ISO requirements 2)
  • Drafting with Suction Hose and Strainer in the absence of dry hydrants.
  • Water Supply Hose. Discussion to include various hose diameters–small (2 1/2” or 3” for up to 1000 feet), and LDH (for more than 1000 feet). There are also some very important department and ISO items to consider in this area.
1) The use of mobile water supply units (tankers) will be discussed in great detail in terms of construction, pumps, and usage in terms of the fire department's desire to accomplish the water hauling that is/can be available using these units. Special classes are available if the desire is to include a survey of this type operation by ISO as this not only creates a complex set of requirements but will require definite on-site pre-planning and training that is not readily apparent if this type of operation has not been utilized previously. ALL of the information needed by ISO and other requirements will be available and will be covered in detail in the class
2) important because the location and maintenance of dry hydrants is critical for meeting ISO grading/survey requirements. In addition, the forms required by ISO will be covered
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